Class Oct 26th:Generating A Personal Pattern Of Health by James Green

Health Is Your Best Medicine
Generating A Personal Pattern Of Health

Jame Green

Wednesday, October 26, 7:00-9:30

With James Green, Herbalist

at In Harmony Herbs & Spices

Health is immense; It rushes in with life, shouting its joy and vitality through myriads of blossoms and newborn lungs.

Our health is our birthright, our finest treasure. Its dynamic energy reigns supreme as we pursue our earthly journey, able to manage and heal any adverse condition we encounter.

Our body’s health is ever present and ongoing. Even when our experience of it feels diminished, it is orchestrating our recovery... as we allow it to.

The body’s wisdom comprises the coalesced desire and focus of all its singular cells on securing nourishment, maintaining vitality, feeling good, and self-healing. This profound cellular intelligence never abates. We are always whole. We are never broken.

Health is our natural condition. It is our best medicine eclipsing all injury and illness. Its biotic magic accompanies us throughout our life.

During the time we spend together in this class, we will amplify our health by focusing our attention on it, noting and appreciating its symptoms, and identifying those things that complement its energetic presence, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.

We will initiate an awareness of the dynamics of our primal vibrational health and see how energetic modalities such as creative thought, personal perspective, tonic selfishness, flower essences, sense tonics, ease, and simple good feelings sustain and garnish the enjoyment of our intrinsic natural health.

Following this, we will look at cellular health. How the trillions of highly conscious, single-cell building blocks of our physical body are supported by the uses of tissue salts, water, probiotics. initiating sleep repair-time, bio-communication, and the powerful influence of mind’s central command.

We will conclude with a look at whole-person constitutional health, constitutional individuality and supportive nutrition, herbal super-foods, and the profound effects of the simple ease of a fitting life style that complements ones unique nature.

To register please call: 619-223-8051 or email through our web site at Class fee is $39. In Harmony Herbs & Spices, 1862 ½ Bacon Street, San Diego, CA 92107. Please note: Location of class is subject to change based on the number of registrations we receive. Pre-registration and payment is required to reserve your space. Thank you!

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