1B - Announcement of New Classes - Introduction To Holistic Iridology - With James Green - February 3rd & 4th, 2010

Introduction To Holistic Iridology


Look into my eyes and tell me who I am.

Poets have proclaimed the eyes to be the windows of our soul. Iridologists see them as dynamic reflections of our body and mind. I view them as captivating mandalas revealing the brilliance and wholeness of the distinctive life journey that is underway in each human being.

When one learns how to read them, the irises of the eyes disclose an individual’s unique qualities. Their distinct constitutional nature is clearly illustrated: the tone and density of their body’s tissues; the vigor and adaptability of their nervous system and mental prowess; their digestive facility; the circulation of their blood; the flow of their lymphatic system, and so forth throughout the organs and glands of the body. You can see an individual’s health, her strengths, and areas that are currently signaling for more care and more nourishment. You can see signs of inflammation where the body is working to rebalance itself. You can see all these things at a glance … and I will teach you how to start doing this.

Folks so often say to an iridologist, “Look at my eyes and tell me what’s wrong with me.” I will show you how to look into their eyes and tell them the many things that are so obviously right with them, emphasizing the strengths that you see while pointing out those areas that are seeking hydration and tonics, and more care and attention.

This two evening, four hour introductory workshop will include a slide show presentation of many fascinating irises, handouts, and hands on experience of iris gazing.

Remember to bring with you a magnifying glass and a small flashlight.


This two evening workshop meets Wednesday, February 3rd & Thursday February 4th from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  The fee is $75.  To register please call or email us ASAP.  Send your check made out to James Green and mail to In Harmony Herbs & Spices, 1862 1/2 Bacon Street, San Diego, CA  92107.  The store phone number is 619-223-8051.  For this class we will be accepting credit cards and Paypal. The class location in Ocean Beach is:  Location to be announced.

Thanks for your interest.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

To register please click on this link:


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